“Excuse my mood, I am German” – 3 tips to overcome communication differences in America

Here’s a new blog dedicated to transitioning between Germany and the U.S. This article approaches the topic of communicative differences.
Which should remind us once more of the Peach/Coconut metaphor.

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My dear Germans,

German and American talking Different communication styles are part of the culture

Have you ever been faced with the stereotype of us being one cold group of people? That we do not like informal conversations and seem to have a problem with strangers asking us how our day is going? Well, let’s be honest here: This stereotype is so very true. Germans think “Why does he care?!” or “I don’t know that lady. Why is she even talking to me?!” Of course, this doesn’t mean that we are horrible, unfriendly people (at least not necessarily).

The way people communicate with strangers is simply a big part of a country’s culture. I would like to address some of these major communication differences between Germans and Americans and try to explain why it will help Germans so very much to adapt themselves to the American way of informal communication. When spending some time…

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