How cultures around the world think about parenting

Child-rearing is heavily influenced by cultural values. This article highlights some nice examples of how different cultures look at certain aspects of parenting.
Ever since we moved to the U.S., my wife and I have been noticing how much our style of raising our children is different from the parents we interact with. It’s a constant reminder that our “normal” – in this case child-rearing “standards” – are just as valid as anyone else’s. Coming to terms with the differences in such an emotionally charged field as raising kids has been a great exercise in building cultural competence.
I didn’t say it’s easy. But it’s worth it.
Trust Your Process!

What can American parents learn from how other cultures look at parenting? A look at child-rearing ideas in Japan, Norway, Spain — and beyond.

The crisis of American parenting, as anyone who has looked at the parenting section of a bookstore can attest, is that nobody knows what the hell they’re doing. Yet despite this lack of confidence and apparent absence of knowledge, many American parents zealously believe that their choices carve out their children’s futures. Indeed, they seek the advice of expert after expert in the field in order to succeed at one goal: to raise the happiest, the most successful, and the most well-adjusted leaders of the future.

But what dangers lay in thinking that there is one “right” way to parent? How much of how we parent is actually dictated by our culture? How do the ways we parent express the essentialness of who we are, as a…

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