My year-end gift to you: PIVOT

The holiday season is upon us and some of you are probably still hunting for presents to give to family and friends. While I won’t claim to know what your loved ones expect to get from you this Christmas, allow me make a suggestion to you for a gift which has the potential to truly impact the lives of the people you want to touch with your presents.


Adam Markel, who is a friend and one of my mentors and also the CEO of New Peaks, will publish his book “Pivot” in early 2016. Since I am a friend of the family, I have the privilege to give away his book during the pre-sale period. The publisher company Simon & Schuster will put all their weight behind it once they release the print version and it will for sure become a New York Times bestseller.

This is an amazing opportunity for several reasons. First, you are getting the book for FREE! You only take care of shipping. Secondly, with every copy of the book there are 2 tickets to an amazing Reignite event in the city of your choice.
All you do is go to my PIVOT website now and reserve your copy along with the tickets to the Reignite Weekend.

Ask yourself: What will you do when you know you CANNOT fail? Are you ready to move from fear to faith with a powerful new VISION for your life? It only takes a 5 degree shift.

How exactly will PIVOT help you?
Adam_Markel1PIVOT is a roadmap for embracing your true potential. Adam Markel guides you through the process of personal and career transformation to help you leap out of your comfort zone and into the destiny you’ve always dreamed of. You will love the uplifting stories, energizing calls-to-action and step-by-step exercises with the 21-Day PIVOT Plan.

When you follow the principles in PIVOT, you will achieve:
• Greater fulfillment
• Increased prosperity and abundance
• Greater sense of happiness and joy
• An “I Love My Life” attitude
PLUS, every copy of PIVOT includes 2 FREE VIP tickets to a New Peaks REIGNITE Weekend. This 3-Day event reinforces the skills Adam teaches in the book and gives participants a practical format for achieving inner and outer transformation in business and personal finance, family, love, relationships and more. Students leave reassured, re-inspired, reinvigorated and REIGNITED.

PIVOT is a Movement
We know that if we want to see changes in the world around us – it begins within ourselves. When you purchase your copy of PIVOT, you become part of a larger community of people working in unison to transform their lives to achieve a greater sense of well-being, peace, abundance and fulfillment. You’ll be invited to our PIVOT Facebook page to share your stories of transformation.

Why is PIVOT free for just the cost of Shipping?
New Peaks provides personal and business transformation through education. Their mission is to help people achieve peace through self-actualization — to assist people who are interested in living life fully, to join them in creating prosperity, love, health, happiness and inner peace.
The more PIVOT books they get into the hands of people like you, the more they are contributing to making a difference by helping people achieve their own peace.

 => Get your copy of PIVOT now!

Start the journey of personal or business transformation today. All it takes is to make small changes in direction over time.

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