The Skills Leaders Need at Every Level

In a broad analysis, Jack Zenger and Joseph Folkman identify some core competencies which are relevant for all levels of leadership development – from managers to supervisors to middle management to senior leaders. Among them are the ability to inspire and motivate, powerful and prolific communication, teamwork, and relationship building.

While these findings may not be necessarily surprising, in a global context it is important to point out that these skills can mean significantly different behaviors in many parts of the world. Even if we agree that there are shared traits and competencies for developing leaders, organizations have to deal with an added layer of complexity when they develop talent for global business across cultures.


To be successful abroad, global leaders need to learn how to inspire and motivate in a foreign culture. They may need to redefine what “powerful” communication means in various cultural contexts. And they need to adapt to different ways of building and maintaining relationships.

A very effective way to accomplish this is via leadership development programs like Höferle Consulting’s Global Leader Coaching, which address the complexities of transitioning between cultures.

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