Argentina vs. Germany: Can the steak fry the schnitzel?

With this headline, I had no choice but to reblog it.


Germany versus Argentina promises to be a compelling World Cup final on Sunday with two top teams battling for global glory. Off the field, the countries also make for a fascinating match-up that, admittedly, will have nothing to do with the game’s outcome. But hey, these tidbits of economic trivia are fun and get us in the mood for all the dribbling, corner kicks and flopping to come. May the best country win in this, Fortune’s first World Cup face-off of financial and culinary might.


Both Germany and Argentina are shaky when it comes to their economies. But one is clearly stronger than the other when it comes to gross domestic product. Germany, with its huge industrial economy, is ranked fourth on the World Bank’s GDP list with over $3.6 trillion in annual output. Meanwhile, Argentina, which is strong in agriculture and natural resources (but stumbles big-time in fiscal management), is…

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