Cross-Cultural Leadership: The One Secret Success Ingredient

My Dutch colleague Aad Boot shares some critical insight here. Cross-cultural leadership success needs more than widget-like training. Yes, cultural training for expats is a critical building block in developing global competency, but in combination with longer-term coaching leaders will develop more than skills: They’ll create a global mindset which embraces differences and values curiosity over judgement.
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Do business leaders and HR departments pay sufficient attention to equipping people preparing for international assignments, as well as managers leading cross-cultural teams, with sound cross-cultural leadership skills? Research conducted at Dutch Neyenrode Business University suggests they don’t. And that’s a pity, the same research points out: costs related to failed international assignments are sky high, while the one secret ingredient that turns the odds in favor of success – developing the right cross-cultural mindset – is something that can be trained and coached.

In our fast-paced globalized economy, international assignments are on the rise. According to KPMG’s yearly survey of global assignment practices, companies generally make it easier for employees and their families to work and live abroad, both for short- and longer-term assignments. They also invest significant amounts of time and money to make expatriate assignment a success.

Unfortunately, says Dutch economist Matthias Spaink who recently presented…

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