The ROI of learning German

It isn’t news that the status of foreign language acquisition in the United States lags behind in comparison to many other countries and most other developed economies. There are various reasons for this which aren’t the purpose of this blog post. In fact, I’d like to draw your attention to efforts which are challenging this status.

mkplus, the German Language School/Deutsche SprachschulemkplusPASCHmap1 in Cleveland, TN, will soon be the only officially accredited German language program in Southeast Tennessee. On July 25, the school will hold an Accreditation Ceremony with Thomas Wülfing, Deputy Consul General of the Federal Republic of Germany, who will also serve as an “educational envoy” of the German government and the German Central Agency for Schools Abroad.

mkplus News releaseThroughout the past few years mkplus has procured itself a name for excellence in German language education in the Southeast Region through its recent introduction as an official DSD school by the Central Agency and their PASCH initiative in cooperation with the Goethe Institute.

In accordance with this system of support the mkplus team is able to offer classes and study groups with internationally recognized standards such as the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. mkplus students are able to take linguistic qualification exams such as the DSD (Deutsches Sprachdiplom = German Language Diploma). The DSD is aligned with school-leaving examinations in Germany, it is approved by the German Education Ministers Conference and it is, in fact, the linguistic qualification which is required for studying in Germany!

LearningGermanROIThe German Language Diploma provides career advantages and opportunities for world-wide success to all students in the greater Chattanooga/Cleveland area. In fact, a recent study by MIT economist Albert Saiz found that the average earnings bonus for Americans who learn any foreign language is about 2%. In this context the German language was identified as one of the most lucrative skills in the global job market: According to the MIT study, the return on investment of developing German language skills can translate into an earnings bonus of up to 3.8%!

The Accreditation Ceremony will be held at the campus of Montessori Kinder at 500 Tasso Lane in Cleveland, TN 37312.

ch (April'14).2Christian is a cultural trainer, coach, and consultant with extensive experience in working with multinational companies and especially in developing global leaders. He is the President and CEO of The Culture Mastery, LLC, where he leads a team of dedicated training, destination services, and expat support specialists. Christian works with global organizations (or those who are going global) to help their employees overcome cultural differences. Typically he only uses the word “normal” in quotation marks and he is an advocate for helping people understand the why of behaviors – not just the dos & don’ts. Most just call him “The Culture Guy”. Find out more about Christian here and follow him on Twitter. You can also see him, listen to him, and experience his work – just invite him!

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