Liebes Amerika. Liebes Deutschland.

Those of you who read and speak German might find this interesting: German news daily Die Welt is trying to reconcile the benefits of the United States and those of Deutschland.
Only a week apart, the paper ran two “love stories” – one written by its deputy chief editor, Frank Schmiechen – a German (the one below on the left), and another one by Berlin School of Creative Leadership Managing Director, Clark Parsons – an American.

Both gentlemen praise the advantages of the countries that hosted them. These two columns nicely complement my recent post, Why are Americans so…? Why are Germans so…?

Just goes to show: Comparing cultures doesn’t work. We are all weird. And we are all amazing.

Update 1: Non-German readers rejoice – Worldcrunch published an English translation for Frank Schmiechen’s column.

Update 2: One more “love story” emerged. This one via Die Zeit, written in German by their U.S. columnist Eric T. Hansen – “Gemütliche deutsche Feudaldemokratie.”



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