The 5 biggest lies about expats and life abroad

Last week I blogged about an infographic which was published by feedbacq. Their little piece dealt with what they described as “Expat DNA” – some kind of innate personality traits that make or break the project of living and working in another country. Fellow expat blogger Anne Egros also came across the this “DNA theory” and apparently wasn’t really happy with the assumption that there can be ideal candidates for a foreign assignment, or the “perfect expat.”


It is really hard to disagree with Anne’s position. I would, however, add that while there is no such thing as a perfect expat, there can be a mindset among some foreign assignment employees that is quite detrimental to their success as expats.
Being a “Negative Nancy” – to use a very anglo-centric reference (some of you may have to google it) – constantly comparing one’s home culture with their host culture, or adopting an “us vs. them” attitude will most likely set expats up for failure.

Just ponder this:

So, keep an open mind, but not an empty head.
After all, you don’t want to end up an ugly expat, do you?

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