Great article highlighting a dilemma often faced by people who lead multicultural teams:
How can we reconcile individualistic and collectivistic behavioral preferences within a group?

Musings of a French OD consultant in India

I was, once again, reading an article titled: “There is no I in team”, and feeling slightly irritated. How can individual needs and style not be taken seriously to establish high performance teams? Despite what some – a lot – of people seem to think and write, teams are nothing more than groups of individuals who have their own aspirations, needs, cultures and styles. And that is good.

Individualism is not always a bad word. The individuals in the team have their own reason for being part of the team and that reason is usually different from one person to the other. Teamwork is not negating your personal aspirations but aligning your need – in as much as that is possible – with the needs of the group. Thinking that individuals can ignore their own aspiration in order to meet the group’s expectations is the best way to create dysfunctional…

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