The first 7 of many “secrets” which make the TN Valley a great expat location

The ExpatsBlog portal which functions as a sort of aggregator for blogs written by expatriates is currently holding their annual writing contest. This is the first time I chose to participate. Let’s see how well my submission will be received… You can certainly help.

The topic of my entry is a simple one: I tried to put together a list of compelling reasons that make the greater Chattanooga region and the Tennessee Valley a great location for expats coming to the United States. For the sake of the alliteration I picked a list of seven “secrets” (which aren’t very secret, I guess). This list of pros could definitively be added on to. Please feel free to add your suggestions in the comments section on the ExpatsBlog website.

bridge 4LIYou can certainly leave a comment here as well but you will only be able to read my Seven Secrets Story over on the contest page. The deadline for endorsements is Sunday, March 31 (Easter Sunday) at 4:00 pm EDT.
Allow me to ask you for your support then. All you have to do is share my article as many times as you can/want on the social networking platform of your choice. The share counter at ExpatsBlog seems to favor Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.

expatsblogIf you feel inclined to really help me out then let me encourage you to post a comment below the share buttons on ExpatsBlog. Again: Commenting here on this blog will be nice but it won’t help my ranking in the contest.

In case there are enough good insiders’ tips by the contest deadline I’ll compile them in a larger comprehensive article.
Now help a fellow out and share/comment the heck out of these Seven Secrets.  Much appreciated!

ch (April'14).2Christian is a cultural trainer, coach, and consultant with extensive experience in working with multinational companies and especially in developing global leaders. He is the President and CEO of The Culture Mastery, LLC, where he leads a team of dedicated training, destination services, and expat support specialists. Christian works with global organizations (or those who are going global) to help their employees overcome cultural differences. Typically he only uses the word “normal” in quotation marks and he is an advocate for helping people understand the why of behaviors – not just the dos & don’ts. Most just call him “The Culture Guy”. Find out more about Christian here and follow him on Twitter. You can also see him, listen to him, and experience his work – just invite him!

One thought on “The first 7 of many “secrets” which make the TN Valley a great expat location

  1. I really enjoyed your blog. As an American married to a German who lived in Munich for five years, we always yearn for a place like Bavaria but here in the good old USA. We live 90 south of Chattanooga and are always trying to figure out how to sell, pack up and move to that wonderful city.

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