Schnitzel Connoisseurs – where they come from, what they like

To kick off the new year, WordPress presented their bloggers with an annual report which highlighted the user statistics that WordPress finds relevant. Nice touch, I thought, and dug into my blog dashboard to find the stats I’d rather highlight and share with the readers of Southeast Schnitzel.

Since this is a blog dedicated to intercultural and international topics, the more interesting information might be data about which countries most of the Schnitzel Connoisseurs come from, how they found this blog, and which of the articles they clicked on most. Below I compiled the data highlights I find most relevant. Perhaps you do, too. If not, just skip this one. Sometimes I’m a geek.

The stat which surprised me most was the fact that in the past twelve months Southeast Schnitzel reached readers (or at least generated mouse clicks) in 115 different countries. This is quite remarkable, considering that this blog focuses mainly on cultural differences and similarities between the United States and the German-speaking world. Nevertheless, the top two locations of Schnitzel readership are in fact the USA and Germany with a dominance on the US side.



How did this diverse, international crowd find this blog? Almost two thirds of all clicks came via search engines and about a quarter access Southeast Schnitzel through social media outlets (not much of a surprise – I post the blog articles on Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn as well as on my personal and business Facebook). Only three percent get their Schnitzel after visiting the website of my business, Höferle Consulting. Looks like I need to work on that…


And here is an overview of which pages received the most views in the past three months:


Finally, the stat which I find not only most surprising but also incredibly encouraging: So far in 2013 the average daily traffic on Southeast Schnitzel has at least doubled compared to any other time frame since I launched the blog. That is both, flattering and humbling.

Thank you for reading, commenting and sharing!

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