Area businesses ramp up their intercultural skills

Area businesses ramp up intercultural skills, get ready for German impact with series of workshops

The Cleveland/Bradley Chamber of Commerce is partnering with Höferle Consulting to present a series of six cross-cultural training sessions, “Understanding the German Way,” to help prepare for our future German client and customer base. Our future German friends, fellow citizens and employers will bring with them different ways of doing business, different ways of leading personal lives and different perspectives on life. Many of them will initially struggle to adjust to the Southeast way and to the American lifestyle and work ethic.

To prepare for transacting business with the Germans, the Chamber and Höferle Consulting will offer six individual workshops that will cover the many differences and idiosyncrasies, as well as some of the commonalities between the American and German lifestyles. Participants can choose to attend all six workshops, pick and choose different “packages,” or select single sessions. Each workshop will provide valuable information that participants may adopt for their respective professional environments.

The biweekly programs will take place on Wednesday mornings from 8 to 10 a.m. beginning March 24 and continuing through June 2. Each session, held in the Chamber’s conference facility at the Village Green, will last no more than two hours.

Workshop titles include March 24: Session 1—Land and People/Values and Attitudes; April 7: Session 2—Business World; April 21: Session 3—Private vs. Public; May 5: Session 4—Communication; May 19: Session 5—School Systems; and June 2: Session 6—Housing and Real Estate/Consumer Habits.

Admission for Chamber members is $35 for a single session, $80 for a three-session package (you may choose any three) or $140 for the entire six-session package. Admission for non-members is $60 for a single session, $165 for a three-session package (you may choose any three) or $315 for the entire six-session package.

For registration information, please call the Chamber office at (423) 472-6587 or email at

You can also RSVP on the workshop’s Facebook Page. But do fill out the Registration form German Way color and sent it in to the Chamber’s office.

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