Germany – breeding ground for popcultural tastelessness?

Remember what I wrote about Germany being a country with a huge guilt complex? That’s still true. For historic reasons, mostly. However, I do think that especially the post-WWII generations should feel a sense of guilt for more contemporary reasons.

If you don’t know what I am referring to you need to watch these videos.


Is “The Hoff” the reason the Wall came down? (Before you think this confirms the common stereotype that it was Germany’s fault Hasselhoff had a career, let me remind you: You too watched Knight Rider and Baywatch!)

I know, it can’t possibly get worse than that. But brace yourselves for this assault on your ear canals:


Why, I ask you, do we Germans always have to be associated with poor taste in music? And why is it that of those German pop artists who became successful outside the German-speaking world so many had to be from the camp of musical cruelties? Just think Modern Talking, Scooter or Tokio Hotel.

It could be so much different, though. German artists have been creating some timeless gems throughout the last 50 years. The good stuff just never reached a big audience.
I’ll have to do some crate digging in the future and will post the pleasant side of ‘Music made in Germany’.

7 thoughts on “Germany – breeding ground for popcultural tastelessness?

  1. Hey, let’s not trash Modern Talking here. The boys actually did a pretty fair job….with disco tunes….and everyone remembers them twenty years later for some odd reason.

    As for the Huff….well….it was just a lucky song by a lucky guy in a lucky year….nothing else.

  2. There are plenty of good German artists that I agree should release music in the States. The problem is so many don’t put their latest hits in US stores, so anything they do have over here sounds dated. It is improving a bit though. You can always find the latest German hits on German Pulse every Friday.

    • Typically, not artists put music in stores but their record labels/publishers. Guess we’ll have to blame them for not working the US market…
      However, there is plenty of excellent music made in Germany in US outlets, especially in the field of Electronica. Very few radio stations play that kind of music, though.

  3. I’ve noticed that Sony Music is pretty good at bringing German acts to the US music market, although they don’t do much to promote them. From the little bit of poking around it seems like if a German artist is signed to a label that also has a presence in America, there are higher chances of the music making its way over here. Unfortunately many great artists are signed to labels that are mainly European, and therefore the artists need a separate label for the US. It’s is just an educated guess/observation.

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