Southeast Schnitzel is now moonlighting for Chattarati

Being slow coming from the kitchen, Schnitzel is now being served at Chattarati

I need to apologize: I have been neglecting this blog recently. But with most things you start in your spare time, once your spare time becomes too short priorities have to be reset. The same ist rue for my blogging:work time ratio. Nevertheless I will try to keep your Southeast Schnitzel as fresh as possible.

In the meantime, I am happy to announce that you will be able to find some updates over at another website which can easlily be described as the one blog in the greater Chattanooga area with the largest audience and the biggest readership. I was asked by the editors of Chattarati to contribute a weekly column. Being the good neighbor we Germans usually strive to be, I accepted – of course.

Considering my spotty updates here on Southeast Schnitzel though, one has to wonder how I will be keeping up with a weekly rhythm over at Chattarati. However, I’ve been telling myself, that „If you tweet it, you can blog it“. Those of you who use Twitter and follow me (@HoeferleConsult) may have noticed that a lot of my spare time goes into tweeting recently. One of my followers even granted me an award last week: the „Germany-USA Career Center Cranking it out award for highest Twitter output in our niche“. Well, who knows if that’s a compliment or a hint.

The Chattarati column will not move Southeast Schnitzel to another location. Rather it is an attempt to galvanize my twitter output into a digest of information about Germany and its relationship to the United States (and vice versa). It will be more of a collection of newsworthy links to recent events, while Southeast Schnitzel will continue to highlight the differences between the German and the American lifestyles without always referring to current affairs.

So do me a favor, dear Schnitzelistas: Be patient with yours truly. There will be new content arriving here in the future. For now, please pay Chattarati a visit, leave comments here and there, and start following me on Twitter, if you’re interested and haven’t done so already.

Thanks for reading.


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