Part 2 – The Twitter Interview

This is the Twitter part of my interview with Cindy King

I had posted the first part of the interview I gave Cindy King (@CindyKing) here yesterday (see post below). Those of you who are familiar with Twitter and the Twitter search feature will have no trouble finding our dialogue by looking for the hashtag #CKinterview.

But I do realize that not everybody is on Twitter (yet). That’s why I edited and copied the Tweeterview here. Please keep in mind that for every question and every answer there were only 120 characters of space.

Enjoy and don’t be shy to comment – either here or on Twitter (@HoeferleConsult).

CK-IV-1CindyKing @HoeferleConsult is Christian Höferle – he is German & based in southeast USA + he tweets lots of cross-cultural expertise

CindyKing I really appreciate Christian ( @HoeferleConsult ) for the perspicacity of his cultural insights and their business focus

CindyKing You can read more about @HoeferleConsult Christian Höferle on the 1st part of this interview on my blog

CindyKing During this Twitter Interview I’ll ask Christian ( @HoeferleConsult ) my usual 10 cross-cultural questions

CK-IV-2HoeferleConsult .@CindyKing thanks for your kind introduction, Cindy

CK-IV-1CindyKing As Christian ( @HoeferleConsult ) is a journalist, I can’t wait to hear Christian’s answers 🙂

CindyKing Please join in if you have any questions or comments for Christian ( @HoeferleConsult ) & use this hashtag #CKinterview

CindyKing .@HoeferleConsult Hello Christian, a long introduction 🙂 I wonder if you could share some tips & golden nuggets of advice…

CindyKing .@HoeferleConsult First… What is your definition of culture in 120 characters? So… “Culture is…”

CK-IV-2HoeferleConsult .@CindyKing Lubricant of daily life. A set of shared values & attitudes in a social group. An inherent code of communication

CindyKing .@HoeferleConsult 3 definitions of culture all in one 🙂

CindyKing .@HoeferleConsult OK… now… let’s make it harder – “Culture is…” Culture in one word only

HoeferleConsult .@CindyKing … communication

CindyKing .@HoeferleConsult Exact! Here is another Twitter definition for your – finish the sentence “International business is…”

HoeferleConsult .@CindyKing important 4 growth & needs 2B done in a manner that’s inclusive of all cultures represented by Ur business partners

CindyKing .@HoeferleConsult What is the one tip you would give people to improve their cross-cultural skills?

HoeferleConsult .@CindyKing 1st, understand Ur OWN culture -> try 2B understanding of others’ backgrounds. Now meet half way 4 common ground.

CindyKing .@HoeferleConsult I really like this: understand your own culture first

CindyKing .@HoeferleConsult What one bit of advice would you give people interested in international business?

HoeferleConsult .@CindyKing Don’t rush into it. Do Ur homework (aka research). Hire some1 who knows what U don’t.

CindyKing .@HoeferleConsult I know you give this international business advice from experience 🙂

CindyKing .@HoeferleConsult Speaking of your experience… what tip would you give to people moving abroad?

HoeferleConsult .@CindyKing Know what Ur doing. Compare prices of movers. Haggle. Decide: Rent or Buy? Visit Ur destination prior 2 moving

CindyKing .@HoeferleConsult Moving to a foreign country does sound like an adventure… especially if you are moving a family 🙂

HoeferleConsult .@CindyKing when we decided 2 move as a family some of our friends thought we were crazy … but it works, if U want it 2

CindyKing .@HoeferleConsult What is your favorite website for international or cross-cultural inspiration? This can be anything at all.

HoeferleConsult .@CindyKing Don’t have just 1 fav. website. Try the Goethe Institut at

CindyKing .@HoeferleConsult Funny I would never have imagined looking up the Goethe Institute website – but it looks interesting

CindyKing .@HoeferleConsult Next question… Can you suggest one other cross-cultural person to follow on Twitter?

HoeferleConsult .@CindyKing Again, don’t relly like picking favs. eg @TransDomo @intercultureNet @AAAtranslation @ExpatCoachMegan R good tweeps

CindyKing .@HoeferleConsult This might be pushing it… but can you suggest one other international person to follow on Twitter?

HoeferleConsult .@CindyKing Try @AmiExpat (4 her blog

CindyKing .@HoeferleConsult Cool… thanks for the suggestion – did not know @AmiExpat

CindyKing .@HoeferleConsult Last one: Are there any categories of international or cross-cultural people you’d like to meet on Twitter?

HoeferleConsult .@CindyKing I’m most interested in ppl who either share my experiences, want to learn from them or look 4 professional advice

CindyKing @HoeferleConsult This is what I get from your blog too

CindyKing .@HoeferleConsult Well that went so fast! Thanks so much for your time Christian and…

HoeferleConsult .@CindyKing no, thank you 4 picking me 4 your interview series. It was fun. I hope people liked it & thought it was informative

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