Comeback for the “American Way of Life” in Germany

The “American Way of Life” is experiencing a comeback in Germany

school exchange

Planning an exchange year, traveling or even moving to the United States is becoming increasingly popular with Germans again. During the years of the Bush administration more and more Germans (and other Europeans) fell out of love with the land of the free, but recently a change of mind is becoming apparent. The U.S. are regaining their attractiveness for immigrants and students from Germany, writes newspaper Westfälische Nachrichten, citing evidence from sources like scholarship agency College Connect, the German Academic Exchange Service DAAD, the Pew Research Center and travel office Dertour.

According to these agencies, demand for study and travel in the U.S has risen significantly during 2009. Some of this can be attributed to a low Dollar-Euro exchange rate that favors Germans. Another reason seems to be the change of power in the White House.

Germans are also reconsidering the United States as a country to emigrate to. Participation in the so-called “Green Card Lottery” is up by 20 percent so far this year. Whereas one year ago, only 31 percent of Germans asked by Pew Research said they view the USA positively, the number rose to 64 percent in the most recent survey – a clear turn-around.

America is en vogue again. The American Dream is alive.

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