Local promoters should establish a relationship with VW

Why Chattanooga area music and  event promoters should establish good relationships with Volkswagen

Echo Klassik 2009I like it when old and new come together. In this case I am referring to my old professional life as a business analyst and writer in the music industry and my new life as intercultural consultant.
Chattanooga’s biggest corporate investor, Volkswagen, has always had a strong connection to the music industry in Germany. For instance, VW’s Sound Foundation has been helping up-and-coming artists with tour support for years, the car maker also sponsors several music events and supports newcomers. Today the company announced it will act as the main sponsor for the Echo Klassik Award, Germany’s version of a Grammy for classical music.

Why would the Southeast care, you ask? Well, for starters, Tennessee with its strong tradition in music is a perfect fit for Volkswagen’s sponsoring activities. In the past years they have already been active in this area, e.g. as a provider of clean diesel vehicles for the Bonnaroo Festival. Local promoters and event organizers may want to start a dialogue with the people at VW who, in their native Germany, have always shown patronage for the arts and culture in general.

Gläserne Manufaktur

The building in the above picture is called the “Gläserne Manufaktur” (= factory made of glass; Transparent Factory) and it was established by the car maker in 2002 in the East German city of Dresden. It serves as an automobile production facility where VW makes the luxury Phaeton sedan and where Bentley builds some of its models.
On October 18 the “Gläserne Manufaktur” will host all after-show events of the Echo Klassik and VW will shuttle the guests of the awards ceremony from Dresden’s Semperoper to the glass building in – you guessed it – Phaetons.

Can you imagine enjoying concerts at the Volkswagen premises at Enterprise South? Maybe not today, but in the not so distant future the VW plant might be perfectly equipped for musical events. And should this phantasy of mine not pan out, VW could possibly get involved with the many festivals and concerts in and around Chattanooga. They could even rename their BlueTec clean diesel models: how does BluegrassTec sound to you?

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