Educate yourself, learn German

Would you like to learn some basic German? 

GermanHeitMost Germans who will chose to live in our area most likely speak English sufficiently to make it through everyday life (and beyond). Nevertheless, it doesn’t hurt to know some basic German, right?

Then let me point you to an opportunity to improve your foreign language skills. The Mosaic Center (ORMS) and the Safe Schools & Healthy Students initiative will be sponsoring a Crash Course in German for educators and the business community.

The class will be taught by Lisa Eulo, German language teacher at Walker Valley High School. This course will be offered free to all Cleveland City and Bradley County teachers. But be alerted: space is limited. The course will begin on June 2nd and will continue through June on each Tuesday and Thursday from 6 p.m. until 7:30 p.m. The last class will be held June 30th. The classroom will be located at the Cleveland/Bradley County Chamber of Comerce (225 Keith St SW). 

Work books are included in the cost. There is a special business community rate of $50 for the entire course. If you are interested in more information or would like to sign up, call the Mosaic Center at (423) 584-6515 or email them at Find a registration form here (.doc)

In addition to that, you can start your daily online training for German as a second language with Babsi, a self-described “huge language nerd”, who runs a blog called GermanHeit. This blog isn’t always trying to be dead serious. But give it a shot. You might learn something. She’ll teach you about tongue-twisters, too. 

6 thoughts on “Educate yourself, learn German

  1. What a great opportunity! I’m sad I have to miss out on it this time, as I will be out of town for the first two sessions. Please let us know if this course is offered in the future–especially for us teachers, who could really benefit from this!

    • Holly,

      good to hear that. You might want to apply anyway. We’re going to have a wait list for those who can’t make the June dates. Just write “wait list” on your registration. If we do get too many applicants for the first round Lisa might consider doing round 2 at another time this year.

  2. You may want to announce this / publish a link to your blog on the Germany-USA Career Center “links” page; we have seen a surge of (American) applicants recently from your region, but also from the Great Lakes / Rust Belt area, looking for jobs with German automotive companies / suppliers in the South.

    • Rob,

      I appreciate your comment on my blog.
      I’d love to share links with the Germany-USA Career Center.
      Just let me know which section of your site you deem most relevant. I’ll include it in my list of links.
      Feel free to link to Southeast Schnitzel.

      If you have some newsorthy information regarding the Great Lakes /Rust Belt area and/or the movement of workforce towards the south, feel free to pass it on to me.


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