Cleveland Cultural Camp dates confirmed

A different approach to the concept of summer camp – the Cultural Camp

Mosaic Center logoLet’s assume you have children between the ages of 5 and 11. School is going to be out soon and many of you may or may not have plans as to what to do with your kids during summer break.
Enter the summer camp. We’ve all been there, tried many camps, different locations and various camp organizers. Some are quite good, but let’s face it – others are just a place to park our children while we go to work and hope that their time is spent doing something meaningful. 

sshs logoThe Mosaic Center and ORMS just might have come up with an answer to your concerns: The Cultural Camp. Together with the Safe Schools & Healthy Students Initiative, which will be sponsoring the camp along with Montessori Kinder, the Mosaic Center & ORMS will provide for a different approach to the concept of a summer camp.

The goal is to attract camp kids of all ethnic backgrounds who want to engage in an intercultural exchange and to reinforce their awareness of their own respective cultures. Students for whom English is not their native tongue will meet the challenge of retaining their native language while learning English and appreciating their heritage. There will be camp coordinators and teachers who speak German, Spanish, Russian and Mandarin Chinese. To be clear though: This is NOT a camp for ethnic minorities only. The Cultural Camp attempts to highlight the importance of unity in our communities, the importance of maintaining our various native languages and to teach the acceptance of diversity and cultural differences. Which means: All children are welcome. 

For example, the students will entail one hour of language teaching (i.e. basic greetings, colors, numbers, common phrases, etc.). They will then have a time for arts and crafts as well as time to learn the camp theme song in their native language. One day will be dedicated to a cultural celebration. All students will wear cultural attire and present a song in their language. They will enjoy a cultural meal and have game time.

The Cultural Camp will take place between June 15th and June 19th from 9 am – 12 pm at the Cleveland Museum downtown. The camp will be limited to the first 50 kids from age 5-11. Cost is $25 if they register before June 8 or $30 after that. Lunch, snacks and camp t-shirts are included. If you are interested in more information or would like to sign up, call the Mosaic Center at (423) 584-6515 or send an email.


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