What do you know about Germany?

What do you know about the Germans and Germany? 

americangermanflagsBefore we can understand the Germans and the way they live, think, speak, work, believe, love, eat, drink, sleep, celebrate, exercise, raise their kids, etc. we should try to take a step back and find out what we already know – or assume to know – about Germans and their country. And once we’re done with that I suggest we get rid of all the clichés that don’t apply (anymore). 

What do Americans think/know about Germany? What do they associate with Germany? Here is a list of stereotypes that I came accross in recent years. 

  • Germans wear Lederhosen
  • Germans drink beer – a lot of it
  • they don’t have speed limits over there
  • they all love David Hasselhoff
  • German women don’t shave
  • the Hofbräuhaus in Munich is what a German restaurant is like
  • Germans are correct, punctual and lack a sense of humor
  • they have a lot pretty castles
  • they build good cars
  • Heidelberg is a typical German city

The list could go on and on. We all know there are many more clichés out there. But I would like you to tell me yours. Leave a comment or email me (hoeferle [at] gmail [dot] com). 

Of course none of these claims actually hold up to reality. Southeast Schnitzel will try to debunk these myths one by one. Let me know which topics you want covered first. I’m open to suggestions.

9 thoughts on “What do you know about Germany?

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  2. please elaborate. what do you think lies at the heart of that valuing of efficiency? where in your country’s history do you think it began to appear?

    • Well, I guess my initial answer was too efficient.
      Good question, Dan. I’ll try elaborate on that more soon. Stay tuned. And thanks for reading.

    • I assume you expect some reference to the House of Hohenzollern as the dynasty that provided for Prussian Kings and German Emperors? Yes, their influence on German society with a military-like organisational structure has to be part of any essay explaining the Germans’ inclination to punctuality, correctness and efficiency.

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