What’s this Schnitzel thing all about?

What is this Schnitzel thing all about?

Germ-American CircleNow that the big news about Volkswagen and Wacker Chemie investing in Southeast Tennessee has settled, what’s next? 
Will people in Hamilton and Bradley Counties just sit back and wait for the economic engines from Germany to ignite and to work their magic on our region which, like most of the industrialized world, is trying to get through some rough times? 

Here is a little advice from a German-American who has been living in Tennessee for five years now: If complacency paired with impatience is how we await our future German neighbors we’ll run into some unwanted consequences. Instead, we all have to do our homework. 

Even though the investments by both VW and Wacker have been great news for the region, our communities will be experiencing a quite different mentality and mindset in the future. The families, workers and managers who will be deployed to Tennessee from Germany will bring with them certain different ways of doing business, different ways of leading personal lives and different perspectives on life. 
Many of them will initially struggle to adjust to the Southeast Tennessee way and to the American lifestyle and work ethic.
Southeast Schnitzel tries to help remove these stumbling blocks. This blog will highlight certain dissimilarities and commonalities of the American way of life and the German culture. 

So stay with me here for some insights to understand the cultural differences between Americans and Germans.

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