Happy May Day!

Happy May Day!

Maibaum“Alles neu macht der Mai” (German proverb; ≈ “The merry month of May” / “April showers bring May flowers”)

Have a Happy May Day, everyone. 

What a good day to start off this blog. In Germany May 1st (“Maifeiertag”) is a national holiday. It is synonymous with International Workers Day or Labour Day, which celebrates the social and economic achievements of the Labour Movement.

In rural regions of Germany there are also celebrations of Pagan origin – traditionally held on the night before May Day (“Walpurgisnacht“), including bonfires and maypoles

A German detail that is probably a lot less fun for most people who live nearby is the demonstration in Berlin which has become a violent tradition since 1987. Anti-fascist and autonomous socialist groups pick fights with the police and go on rampant riots throughout the Kreuzberg area.

One thought on “Happy May Day!

  1. 1 May 2009: an ‘ordinary’ Workers’ day in an extraordinary period of crisis
    Today is May the 1st, day on which in many countries the International Workers’ day is celebrated. And, maybe above all for a lot of people, it is public holiday. 1 May being holiday is well known to everybody and also its being workers’ day… but the origin and the meaning of it maybe is less known, at least here in Italy.
    In Italy usually Workers’ Day is celebrated through street demonstrations and concerts in the main cities and today probably it will be the same. An ‘ordinary’ May Day? Maybe not… or at least I hope not. The economic crisis which struck almost every country in the world makes it different and can be a good starting point to think about the meaning of the work itself in our society. I hope at least it will be since I can’t help noticing lots of contradictions…


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